Invest ESG | March 25, 2020

This conference has been approved for 6.5 credit hours by The Institute for Advanced Financial Education

Canada’s investment landscape has surpassed a major milestone, with more than half of total AUM now invested in ESG principles – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Join us at Canada’s inaugural invest ESG summit to gain invaluable insight into the current Canadian ESG market and walk away with a greater understanding of the ESG movement and how to make it profitable in your portfolio.

ESG Basics Breakfast Workshop

7:30 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

Invest ESG kicks off with it's ESG University workshop, offering advisors an in-depth look into the world of ESG, SRI and impact investing, what opportunities and risks exist and how to use them in portfolios. 

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8:30 am

ESG, SRI & Impact Investing: Understanding the Difference & Their Principles

It's critical for advisors to be able to distinguish between the various ESG strategies  and determine how to choose the right strategy for their portfolio. Our expert will lay the foundation for ESG principles, opportunities and risks and how to successfully align your investments and values.


Milla Craig

Founder & President, Millani

Main Conference Begins

9:00 am

Welcome to Invest ESG 2020!

Chairperson Remarks

9:10 am

The Rise of ESG: What’s in Store for 2020 and Beyond?

It's all the rage right now, and while the concept of ESG investments are becoming popular with advisors, generating high returns from ESG products are proving to be challenging. We invite the smartest ESG experts we know to answer your toughest questions on the ESG phenomenon and help you understand where the market is headed. 


James Burton

Senior Editor, Wealth Professional, Key Media


Judy Cotte

CEO, ESG Global Advisors

Jackie Daitchman

Vice President, ESG Client Coverage, MSCI

Lindsay Patrick

Managing Director and Head, Sustainable Finance, RBC Capital Markets

9:50 am

Put Your Money Where Your Value Is!

The idea of having to give up market returns when investing for the greater good is nonsense. Understanding the products' core values... now that needs far greater clarity. Join our panel as they look under the hood at how to avoid 'greenwashed' products, help you navigate product availability/familiarity and generate returns without sacrificing your values.


Victor Ferreira

Investing Reporter, Financial Post


Jessica Clark Barrow

EVP, Investor Relations, Waratah Capital Advisors

David O’Leary

Founder, Kind Wealth

Stephan Ouaknine

Managing Partner, Inerjys Ventures

10:30 am

Networking Break

11:00 am

Why Do Advisors Not Sell ESG: The Unconventional Conversation

What the client wants and what advisors are offering within the ESG realm doesn't seem to be matching up. Why is that? Why are advisors shying away from positioning SRI/ESG products into their portfolio? Are robo advisors one step ahead? Take a seat, lead the conversation and let's find out together.


Darren Matte

Editor, Key Media


Rajan Bansi

President & CEO, RBC InvestEase

Jason Pereira

Partner & Senior Financial Planner, Woodgate Financial

Carol Smith

Investment Fund Advisor, Desjardins Financial Security

11:40 am

Lightning Round – ESG Always

Purpose Investments in October 2019 announced that it was one of the first firms in the world to embed ESG principals across their entire investment process. We sit down with the Founder & CEO of Purpose Financial, Som Seif for a candid conversation on what initiated the change, risks that were faced and why ESG principals are crucial in all investment vehicles.


James Burton

Senior Editor, Wealth Professional, Key Media


Som Seif

Founder & CEO, Purpose Financial

12:00 pm

Portfolio Construction Using ESG/SRI Products

Constructing any type of portfolio is no walk in the park; and trying to align your entire portfolio with sustainable goals, seems near impossible. Join us for this well-crafted session to give you the ins and outs of how to construct a winning portfolio using ESG products and maximize returns without sacrificing your principles. Ask your toughest questions and get real actionable answers.


Claire Van Wyk-Allen

Director, Head of Canada, Alternative Investment Management Association Canada


Milla Craig

Founder & President, Millani

Mark Raes

Managing Director, Head of Product, BMO GAM

Liz Simmie

Co-Founder, Honeytree Investment Management

12:40 pm

Networking Lunch

1:40 pm

The ESG Apocalypse

ESG investing isn't going away. In fact, it's being driven further and further into the investment food chain. In this provocative 20-minute session,'s Dave Nadig explains how ESG-focused investors are dragging the entire investment management industry into the future, and creating chaos, casualties and disruption at every step.

Dave Nadig

CIO & Director of Research, ETF Trends & ETFdb

2:10 pm

Getting Real About the Carbon Free Movement

Climate change is one of the biggest drivers of change in the world economy today and advisors need to realize that economic issues will have serious implications for markets. Learn firsthand, why you need to get ahead of these exposures, why it matters for your investments and what opportunities and climate strategies are available now for you to climate proof your portfolio.


Clare O’Hara

Wealth Management Reporter, The Globe & Mail


Sarah Keyes

CPA, CA, Principal, ESG Global Advisors

Tim Nash

Founder of Good Investing,

Adam Scott

Director, Shift: Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health

2:50 pm

Change is Coming – Are you Ready for the Next Wave of Investments?

How do you start if you already have a full, traditional (non ESG) practice? Do you go all in? Do you toe-dip? Can you have a traditional offering and an ESG or SRI option? How do you talk to existing clients? Let us show you how to take the first steps to succeed as an ESG investor.

David O’Leary

Founder, Kind Wealth

3:20 pm

Networking Break

3:40 pm

Lightning Round: Impact Investing

These not-to-be missed sessions are devised with you the advisor in mind. We put an ESG expert in the hot seat for a 20-minute candid conversation on critical issues facing advisors today.

Hyewon Kong

Associate Portfolio Manager, AGF Investments

4:00 pm

ESG + ETF: A Healthy Relationship?

Assets and interest in ESG ETFs are on a steadily rise, with 2019 seeing the largest burst of activity. Fast-forward to 2020 and ETF providers large and small are tuning their offering and shifting their lineup for what could be a sea of change in the Canadian asset management industry -- but this shift brings unique problems for investors trying to get under the hood of new products. Join Daniel Straus for a deep dive into the Canadian & U.S. ESG ecosystem, the various flavour of ESGs that out in the market, and how the transparency of an ETF portfolio is the perfect match for ESG ETF investors!

Daniel Straus, PhD, M.Fin

Vice President, ETFs & Financial Products Research, National Bank of Canada Financial Markets

4:30 pm

Closing Keynote: MorningStar TBD

Tanya Svidler

Director of ESG Solutions, Morningstar

5:00 pm

Conference Concludes

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